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Glass has been the traditional choice and has a long history for being used as a covering for greenhouses because of its permanence and beauty.  The appearance of a Greenhouse can be the major reason of your purchase. A Glass Greenhouse offers the greatest natural light transmission of any material available. A Glass Greenhouse can offer you years of gardening enjoyment, using tempered and thick enough glass to be less susceptible to breakage than you might think.

Glass has traditionally been an exceptional barrier to infrared transmission, meaning light enters through the glass and the heat is managed.

People who prefer a Glass Greenhouse are likely to be the envy of the neighborhood. You will enjoy decades of growing in your Glass Greenhouse. Your plants will be happy with all the valuable sunlight they get from Glass Panels.

To reduce heat some of our customers have tinted the Glass Panels. To Speak with a Greenhouse Specialist call 1-800-987-4337.