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Sunshine Greenhouses are beautiful, affordable, easy-to-build structures that fit into any backyard setting. Sunshine Greenhouses are built with strong, natural redwood frames and double-wall polycarbonate panels. Your plants, ornamental flowers, or vegetables will be protected from winds, rains, and snow. These greenhouses are available in multiple models and sizes. These units are made with the finest materials available and crafted for efficiency and excellence and there is one that will fit your specific needs.

The Sunshine Mount Hood Redwood Greenhouse is six feet wide and over eight feet tall and is made of long-lasting redwood, comes with Dutch Doors, and a base made of recycled plastic. This greenhouse features automatic vents and twin-wall polycarbonate panels making this model temperature-controlled, efficient and beautiful. Optional benches can be purchased for this model.

The Sunshine Mount Rainier Redwood Greenhouse is the largest of the Sunshine Greenhouses and offers plenty of room. It is 10 ft. tall, 8 ft. wide with multiple lengths available for the novice to professional gardener. This model features a sturdy redwood frame, an insect and fungus proof recycled plastic base, and polycarbonate panels. Temperature is controlled with automatic vents while optional benches and a wheelchair ramp can be added after construction.

The Sunshine Redwood Lean-To Greenhouse and Sunshine Patio Garden House are lean-to style greenhouses that can be placed against any vertical wall for a small area to grow plants. These units are perfect for those with limited space and budget and offer ease of use with affordability. Each come with multiple doors for easy access and ventilation and sloped roofs to prevent snow build up.