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Solexx Greenhouses are made of a unique composite framing designed to provide gardeners with years of hassle-free use without worry of constant maintenance. Solexx Greenhouses provide large amounts of space and feature light-diffusing Solexx panels which help accelerate plant growth, are shatter proof against wind and snow, and insulate better than 8 mm polycarbonate panels. These models offer an optimal growing environment for all of your plants during any season.

Small, portable, and reasonably priced, the Deluxe Solexx Cold Frame Greenhouse, Solexx Lit’l Propagator Greenhouse, and Solexx Early Bloomer Greenhouse are the cheapest in the Solexx line of greenhouses. Perfect for those with limited space or children eager to learn the process of growing and harvesting plants, these models offer quality with affordability. Each model features Solexx light-diffusing panels, composite tubular frames, and a portable design to maximize efficiency and provide a superior growing environment.

For larger, roomier greenhouses, the Solexx Garden Master Greenhosue, Solexx Garden Master Deluxe Greenhouse Package, Solexx Gardener’s Oasis Greenhouse, Solexx Gardener’s Oasis Greenhouse Deluxe Package, Solexx Harvester Greenhouse, Solexx Harvester Greenhouse Deluxe Package, Solexx Conservatory Greenhouse, and Solexx Conservatory Greenhouse Deluxe Package are for you. These models offer the superior light-diffusing Solexx panels with ample inside space for all your growing needs. Equipped with full-length benches and optional shelving, these models provide the hobbyist and serious gardeners with an ideal environment to grow their crops of choice. For those looking for the most for your greenhouse, the deluxe packages include sturdy wire shelves, a solar louver opener, base vents, and a tie down kit.