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Sunlight is an important factor in the health of your plants. How much light enters your greenhouse is key for specific vegetables and plants and too much or too little light can be the difference between a healthy or sickly plant. With Solexx Rolls you can be sure that your plants are getting just the right amount of light without burning them or depriving them of much needed sunlight. Insulated twin-wall Solexx greenhouse panels reduce your heating costs while providing 70-77 percent soft, diffused light, which is the best light for plants.

Solexx 5 mm Twin-Wall Greenhouse Rolls 52 has strong, shatterproof greenhouse glazing and is 52 in. wide with rolls up to 1000 ft. long. At 5 mm thick, it protects your plants from strong winds, snow, and other harsh weather and is flexible enough to cover nearly any greenhouse frame. The Solexx Twin-Wall Greenhouse Rolls 49.5 are just like the 52 in. panels but are 49.5 in. wide and come in your choice of 3.5 or 5 mm thickness. With Solexx Panels you can be sure that your plants will not be sunburned and will grow healthier while being insulated from the heat and cold.

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