Solexx Panels

What material you cover your greenhouse with is an important factor in its overall efficiency. Solexx Panels offer an insulation value greater than polycarbonate panels, double-pane and single-pane glass windows. Not only are the Solexx Panels efficent but they also provide 70-77 percent soft, diffused light, the best kind of light for plants. Glass panels let intense light reach your plants which can be damaging while also raising temperatures inside. Polycarbonate panels are slightly better than glass but still only partially diffuse the light. Solexx Panels are flexible and feature glazing that protects your greenhouse from strong winds, snow, and other harsh weather.

The Solexx Greenhouse Panels 42 x 97, Solexx Greenhouse Panels 42 x 146, Solexx Greenhouse Panels 49.5 x 99, and Solexx Greenhouse Panels 49.5 x 146 come in thicknesses of 3.5 mm or 5 mm and roll lengths of up to 1000 ft. long.