Royal Victorian

Exaco Royal Victorian Greenhouse models are some of the premiere products in the “Helios” line of greenhouses from Janssens of Belgium. Janssens has been making high-end glass and polycarbonate greenhouses for over 30 years and since the introduction of the Royal Victorian model in 1999, they have become a leading supplier of this style of greenhouse in Europe.

With an old-fashioned English style and beauty, Exaco Royal Victorian models add a stately presence to any backyard setting. First-class quality and an improved internal growing environment combine to create a classic English greenhouse at an affordable price. Slightly more expensive with a “T-shaped” design, the Royal Victorian Orangerie Greenhouse, Royal Victorian Orangerie Greenhouse Polycarbonate, Royal Victorian Antique Orangerie Greenhouse, and Royal Victorian Antique Orangerie Greenhouse Polycarbonate are built with both tempered glass or polycarbonate panels and offer greater square footage than the standard Royal Victorian models. Janssens improved the overall design of this style of greenhouse, as well as the internal growing environment, while still maintaining a better price than other greenhouses of this caliber.

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Royal Victorian VI 36 Glass Greenhouse…
$8,325.00 - $10,224.00Save up to $925.00
Royal Victorian VI 44 Glass Greenhouse…
$11,339.00 - $13,238.00Save up to $1,260.00
Royal Victorian VI 46 Glass Greenhouse…
$11,250.00 - $13,149.00Save up to $1,250.00