Retro Royal Victorian

The Retro Royal Victorian VI  Greenhouse, nicknamed “The Roman Bathhouse,” is an elegant metal and glass greenhouse. This model features 4 mm thick safety glass, double swinging doors, and four roof windows with automatic openers and is one of the premier greenhouses from Janssens of Belgium. They have been making high-end glass and polycarbonate greenhouses for over 30 years. Since the introduction of the Victorian model in 1999 they have become a leading supplier of this style of greenhouse in Europe.  The Retro Royal Victorian VI Greenhouse provides the optimum environment for gardening year-round while adding a stately presence to any backyard setting. The dark green aluminum framework, which is large in scale, thick gauge, and strong, the tempered glass panels with heavy-duty rubber seals, and full 6 ft. 7 in. wall height combine to create a comfortable interior work space and a full view of your surroundings.

Whether you are over-wintering special or valuable plants from the cold, starting seedlings or creating a tropical jungle, you can enjoy years of maintenance free use with this fully loaded kit. Our automatic roof openers, built-in misting system and interior shade netting provide a healthy growing environment during spring and summer.

Consider tinting the glass on your Retro Royal Victorian VI Greenhouse. Many customers in hot climates enjoy the benefits of cooler greenhouse temperatures. Tinted windows gives a unique look to your greenhouse. Window tinting can be done locally.

If you need assistance in choosing a Greenhouse – Call a Greenhouse expert. 1-800-987-4337

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