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Kota Grill House

With the Kota Grill House  you can camp out like the fishermen and hunters in northern Scandinavia or just have fun in your backyard with a small cookout party. The Kota Grill House  is made from the highest quality Scandinavian Pine (10 x denser than American pine) with 1.5 in. thick tongue and groove walls, double-pane windows, a dutch door, and a roof covered with 15-year professional shingles. It’s hexagonal shape is a fun addition to any backyard and large enough to fit 9 adults.

The Kota Grill House  is well insulated and great for use in warm and cold weather as a hunting or fishing cabin.All of its wood has a smooth finish and rounded edges and comes with a professional-quality coal grill with a steel hood and accessories. The Kota Grill House now comes with an amazing accessories kit that includes a variety of decorative elements such as A Lapland kit, five reindeer hides, five wooden plates, knives, forks and mugs, bottle opener, clock, guest book, kettle, wood phone, hot pads, and fire glove. The Grill House also has a round table around the fireplace for eating and a round shelf around the hood, LED lighting (110 volt), and a fire extinguisher.