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The Jefferson Premium Grower’s Edition Greenhouse is the perfect greenhouse for those looking for a large, quality structure to grow in with a reasonable price. The Jefferson Premium Grower’s Edition Greenhouse has a width of 16 ft. at lengths of 24 ft. and 30 ft., and a 2 in. x 2 in. galvanized steel frame that provides your crops with abundant light and a strong structural integrity for your greenhouse to last for years to come. With side walls of 6 ft. and an interior peak of 9.5 ft it’s great for those looking for a big greenhouse with great air circulation but without the high ceiling.

Special features include a large, locking French door, motorized shutters for greater air circulation, an 18 in. industrial exhaust fan, two commercial-grade work benches, high-efficiency gas heater with vent pipe kit, an external shade cloth that blocks 63 percent of sunlight to help control internal temperature, and an automatic watering system with timer to take the hassle out of daily watering.

The Jefferson Premium Grower’s Edition Greenhouse includes upgraded light-diffusing 8 mm twin-wall polycarbonate wall and roof panels, which allow more light to be used during the growing process, saving energy. For crops that require up to 18 hours of light a day, an additional lighting system can be installed, such as our Genesis ProMax GL600 or GL1200 grow lights. All of our Educational Grower’s Edition Greenhouses use built-to-last construction along with a climate-controlled environment to provide stability and efficiency for many years of use.

The Jefferson Greenhouse is named after our 3rd President who helped pioneer greenhouse growing and was the leading agriculturalist of his time.