The Tiny Greenhouse

 If you’re pressed for space, the thought of having a greenhouse might seem like a consideration for the future.  We’re here to say that this need not be the case!  If you want to be growing fresh flowers or herbs, a few vegetables, or even something more exotic like citrus plants, you can do so without a garden or traditional greenhouse.  The philosophy we’d like… full article

The winter greenhouse: tips and options for producing year-round

There are a few key fundamentals when it comes to maintaining an effective year-round greenhouse in a northern climate: a deep structural foundation, an ideal location with maximum sun visibility and orientation, and a glazing material with strong insulating and light transmitting qualities.  Beyond these considerations though, there are a few simple yet comprehensive methods for fostering an acceptable climate for your plants when the outside temperatures are very low. … full article

Weighing Your Greenhouse Options

Getting stuck choosing the best greenhouse? There are many factors to consider, and a variety of options available when it comes to greenhouse setup and design. In this post, I’ll break down and explain some key elements to keep in mind when browsing for your first greenhouse. One of the first considerations is size. Before taking the plunge on a particular model, you’ll want to have your greenhouse site… full article

Guide to Choosing The Best Greenhouse

Different Types: Cold Frame – Mini greenhouses designed to be set directly on a garden bed for direct seed germination. (click here to see our selection) or print pictures of shed Started Greenhouses – Small, medium size greenhouses for propagating seeds and started plants which will be transported outdoors to garden beds. (click here to see our selection) Grower Greenhouses – Larger, often with adjustable… full article