Leisure Season

Leisure Season products are crafted of solid wood harvested from the Cypress tree family with decay resistance similar to Western Red Cedar. This is a prized timber tree in producing durable scented wood. It is particularly used in manufacturing of outdoor structures and outdoor furniture due to its high decay resistance. This wood naturally maintains inherent oils that enable it to withstand the elements, if left unfinished turning the color of pewter with age. It is well known for its resistance to decay and insects, making it the ideal choice for outdoor applications. This is due to the unique characteristics of the wood itself. It produces a naturally occurring preservative which gives it a head start against the harshest environmental conditions. This versatile wood has a natural beauty, with a rich grain, texture and color that will compliment any architectural style, from rustic to traditional to postmodern. It is stable and naturally resistant to splitting and warping. This will reflect your good taste and adds to the look of your home and garden.
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