Juliana Greenhouses

Why Buy A Juliana Greenhouse? Construction; Juliana Greenhouses are designed and constructed by the Danish to withstand the extreme conditions that are the norm in Scandinavia. Gutters and end caps are standard, helping direct water during heavy rainfalls and prevent erosion around the outside of the greenhouse. Gutters are also helpful in collecting rain water for watering your plants. The roof pitch is approximately 30° allowing greater head room to help safeguard against harmful effects of condensed water dripping on the plants. All Juliana greenhouses have roof windows to increase ventilation inside the greenhouse. Juliana greenhouses are supplied with with special assembling gaskets to secure a very quick and easy assembling. The gaskets gives the greenhouse a very modern look. Polycarbonate panels diffuse the light so your plants are protected from hot spots that can be associated with glass greenhouses. The panels are protected with a UV coating to prevent discoloration. The twin wall polycarbonate is unbreakable and provides a good insulation value. At Bettergreenhouses.com we have a selection of Juliana Greenhouse – there is one to meet your needs.