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Janssens Greenhouses

Buying a Greenhouse is a big decision – much deliberation and caution should be taken to ensure that you purchase wisely. After all, a well-built Greenhouse will provide lifelong pleasure in the garden for all the family! In today’s market, the Hobby Greenhouse is judged not just on its practical merit or quality, it also has to look attractive in any garden. At we have a greenhouse specialists to assist you in selecting the perfect Greenhouse from Janssens, built in Beligum. Janssens Greenhouses, from their roots in building big industrial greenhouses, the company also specializes in Hobby Greenhouses, excelling in detail, aesthetic awareness and, most of all, quality. Janssens product range meets the expectations of even the most demanding gardener. Call us at 1-800-987-4337 and we can help with what size of Greenhouse, covering and a selection of accessories that meet your needs. A Janssens Greenhouse will provide lifelong pleasure and add value to your home.