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If you need the best quality in a Pop-up Greenhouse, Portable Greenhouses or Small Greenhouse, FlowerHouse products will satisfy your gardening needs. It is time to lengthen your growing season; at BetterGreenhouses.com we have a range of home greenhouse and portable greenhouses.,They have been designed keeping all your needs in mind.  At BetterGreenhouses.com, we offer a selection of Pop-up Greenhouses, Portable Greenhoues and greenhouse accessories from FlowerHouse.  It is time to take your home gardening to the next level. Gardening year round is easy with the products we offer from FlowerHouse. Step into the gardening world and build your own vegetable garden on your deck, lawn, backyard, patio or even at your driveway!
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Best Selling Products

  • 1 inch Self-Tapping Screws for Solexx Panels and Rolls
  • Closeable Base Vent for Solexx Greenhouses
  • Grandio Auto Roof Vent Opener
  • Solexx 49 x 99 Greenhouse Panels
  • Galvanized Staging Table
  • Monticello Premium Greenhouse