Cedarshed Greenhouses

At Cedarshed Industries, Inc. they use Western Red Cedar for all of their Greenhouses and Sheds. It’s beautiful; Western Red Cedar has a rich grain and vibrant color making it the prefect material for their products. It’s strong; Western Red Cedar has excellent stability and durability. It lays flat – stays straight; and is less likely to twist and crack than other wood products, including treated lumber. It is long lasting; Western Red Cedar is an all-weather building material. Western Red Cedar is beautiful, stable, and enduring. It contains natural oils that act as preservatives helping the wood resist insects and decay. Properly maintained, Western Red Cedar ages gracefully and lasts for years. It is nontoxic; making Western Red Cedar safe for use in their Greenhouses and Sheds. It requires no chemical treatment unless the wood is in direct contact with the ground, in which case a protective sealant will protect against moisture. It is aromatic; Western Red Cedar is probably best known for its distinctive aroma. Over time, the wood remains subtly aromatic, and the fragrance adds another aspect to the appeal of Cedarshed Industries, Inc products that we offer at BetterGreenhouses.com.
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